Profit Fitness products hold different warranty duration for different items as per the information mentioned on the website. The warranty is provided on the parts and on the use of the equipment. The warranty covers the parts, use or any other technical complain which is solely the decision of Profit Fitness as to providing the service. The warranty does not cover the labour charge or any other engineer charges on the website and is not required to provide visit charges to the purchaser. The labour charges is charged extra on the product in the warranty period too. Any kind of Breakage on the product is not covered under the warranty and will be charged extra if repaired or changed.

The warranty is non transferable and non renewable. The warranty ceases on the product upon any repair activity performed by any other person or engineer which is not associated with Profit Fitness. Profit Fitness holds the right to cease or discontinue to provide service to the customer upon any misconduct by the customer on any circumstances.

Warranty is only valid from the date of purchase and is not valid if purchased from non authorized sources other than Profit Fitness. Shipping damage is not covered under warranty and will charged extra upon change.

Warranty will be void if the user is deoesn’t use the product as per the descriptions provided on the product details and misuses it on any case the warranty will cease there and then. Warranty does not cover parts for lost or theft. The parts will be charged extra. Service time frame differs from region to region and Profit Fitness is not liable for delayed service in any case.

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