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Profit fitness is a brand associated with trust and reliability.  Profit fitness has been involved in research and development of its health equipment since 1989. It has created marvelous equipment for users across different ethnics. Be it for home use or commercial use the motive has been the end user. There is a sense of belief in the type of work our team puts in to manufacture health equipment. Profit fitness has been sourcing its goods from different parts of the world. It has created an image of a reliable fitness brand. The equipment are manufactured with the world’s most advanced and high tech machines like laser cutting machines , spray paint technologies , mould making machines which ensures a high quality output of cardio and strength equipment which has a finishing equivalent to a car. Production inspection done by our team also ensures a no mistake production and results in high quality manufacturing. All the equipment are well certified and tested for safety and other standards. All the equipment are manufactured according to the European and American standards. The R&D ensures a well balanced product which can be used with ease and comfort. The after sales service is well kept in mind. Our spare part stocking is well maintained and never keeps a user waiting. We are known for using genuine and reliable spare parts.
The main motive is to provide people a healthy lifestyle.
We have a pan India presence with corporate offices in Delhi , Mumbai and Jaipur and a dealer base of 150 dealers. We are committed to providing with our clients high class services with state of the art engineering.


Today fitness industry is pegged at more than 2000cr and it is growing rapidly with demand increasing day by day. People of India have become health conscious and are more likely to join a gym or buy home equipment to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Also people have started to focus on there diet plans with more nutritional food instead of junk food.
Gyms business has started to pick pace in India in the recent years with more gyms opening in every locality with different kinds of services like cross fit , cardio equipment , strength equipment and aerobics and zumba. With modernization new gym equipment have emerged in this generation.
Profit fitness is in this industry since past 30 years and has seen the ups and downs of the gym industry. But each year Profit Fitness has developed new range of commercial gym equipment for the gyms in India. Today Profit Fitness is setting up 1 full gym setup everyday. Everyday a new gym is setup in India with branded Profit Fitness gym equipment. There are many other companies who are supplying gym equipment in India but nobody has 30 years of experience like Profit Fitness has in India. Our team focuses on each client with different kinds of needs and setup gym in budget for them with high quality and reliability. And also provide after sales service for many years till the gym owner wants. Not many companies do this in India. Profit fitness has high grade , high quality imported gym equipments and imported exercise equipment.
Profit Fitness helps the gym owners in many ways :
1. Space requirement : A good space in the locality is very important for the gym to succeed in India. So our team in Jaipur helps clients find a good space in localities located across all states in India. With proper space for the gym members to exercise comfortably. Then comes the airconditioning of the gym which is necessary for the member to breathe properly. The space should to enough to hold commercial cardio equipment , commercial strength stations , commercial strength dual stations , commercial spin bikes , commercial cross trainers , commercial aerobics section , commercial zumba section , commercial benches section , commercial free weights section.
2. Gym Flooring : The floor of the gym is very important. Because the gym member needs to walk comfortable in gym and no one should be uncomfortable or it should not discturb the building so for that Profit Fitness gym floorings which are imported from Korea are installed. These commercial gym floorings are noiseless , cusion , and agile. Perfect for a commercial gym setup in India.
3. Gym setup in Budget : Profit Fitness wants its gym owners to setup a gym in budget. So we provide with our gym owners with different kinds of commercial gym equipment in budget in India. We don’t want our client to suffer a burden on its pocket to setup a gym. Our machines are in budget and reliable and robust quality which will not get damaged in the long run. So we give different kind of gym equipment budget to our clients. Full equipment setups in 8 lacs , full gym setup in 10 lacs , full gym setup in 12 lacs , full gym setup in 5 lacs , full gym setup in 22 lacs and many more as per the gym owners demand we setup full gym in budget.
4. Installation and services : After finalizing the gym equipment and gym flooring our team provides a smooth delivery and hassle free installation of the gym equipment in all states of India. Our well trained engineers setup gym in 24 hours and makes our clients happy. After the gym is running our team ensures a smooth service backup to our gym owners by providing service in maximum 48 hours after the complain. Our hard working team manages to provide best gym equipment service on time.
5. Smooth running : After the gym setup the gym needs to generate good revenue for that our team helps gym owners with proper client retention techniques and provide a tariff for the gym.
6. Our infrastructure : Profit fitness has a huge infra in Jaipur , Rajasthan with 50,000 sq feet of warehouse and 10,000 sq.ft of massive showroom. Our clients visit our head quarters in jaipur and see all kinds of varieties of commercial treadmill india , commercial cross trainer india , commercial spin bike india , commercial station india , commercial dual station india , commercial free weights india like dumbbells and weight plates , commercial accessories for gym , and commercial gym benches like roman chair , incline bench , adjustable bench , flat bench , decline bench etc.

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